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Best B2B Marketing Funnel

Steady, Predictable Growth for B2B Companies

At LinkedClicks, we believe that the most simple marketing strategies are also the most effective.

The main frustration of B2B companies that we work with is a lack of qualified sales calls, which stems from not having a consistent lead source and not getting in front of the decision maker.

With our go-to LinkedIn B2B marketing funnel, you’ll be able to create a steady flow of qualified leads that are not only perfectly primed for your sales team, but that also close fast.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

The Top of the Funnel

Your initial goal at the top of the funnel should not be to generate sales calls. It should be to educate your perfect prospects, the decision makers.

The best way to educate and provide big value to your perfect prospects is to offer them a free, downloadable piece of content in exchange for their contact information.

This will do a couple things. It should, first and foremost, be extremely helpful to your prospect which will then also position you as an authority in the market.

Knowing that a main issue B2B companies have is having calls with unqualified prospects, we want to ensure that we only get in front of the right people.

That means our targeting and our messaging has to scream decision maker. What happens is that the front end metrics will start looking quite bad. The cost per click will creep higher, the cost per lead will keep going up, but have no fear.

This will be irrelevant when your cost per demo drops and the demo is with a decision maker.

Macro metrics like cost per demo and cost per acquisition are all that matter in this game. Keep your eye on the prize.

So, that is step one. Offer highly valuable content that your perfect prospect can actually use to help their business. This positions you with authority and shows that you are helpful.

What this looks like in terms of the details is creating a LinkedIn Sponsored Content ad.

You are able to add an image or video along with a headline and description.

This will show up in the LinkedIn news feed of your perfect prospects and will look like a news article or blog.

When they click the ad to learn more, they will be directed to a page where they can input their contact info (name, email, etc) in exchange for downloading the highly valuable piece of content.

This is the top of the funnel and the first step for your perfect prospect.

Second Goal of the Funnel is to Educate Further

The second step of the funnel is what happens after they opt-in for your free content.

An email gets sent to their inbox where they can actually download the file. This should be the first of many emails that you will send over the coming months, all of which should be value-packed.

Don’t send emails to sell, send emails to educate.

Outside of getting an email when they opt-in to your free content, they also get sent to a thank you page.

On this thank you page, I like to have a short video saying thank you and setting the expectation of what’s to come.

At the bottom of this page, I also like to have a call to action to book a call right away.

There will be prospects that are ready to get on a demo very early on. If you don’t offer an opportunity here to book a call you might lose them later to distractions and busyness.

Final Goal of Funnel is to Book Calls!

Okay, you should now be positioned as someone that can solve a problem that your perfect prospect has. They have gone through all of your free content and emails and they are perfectly primed to book a sales call.

The only call to action you should have in your emails from here on out should be to schedule a call.

While this B2B funnel may appear to be very simple and straightforward, it’s by far and away the most effective.

There’s one last piece of the best LinkedIn Ads Funnel for B2B Companies.

Don’t Forget Retargeting!

With LinkedIn clicks costing more than other traffic sources, retargeting is more important than ever. If you are paying for that click, you need to be able to get in front of that perfect prospect again and we can do that through retargeting.

Let’s say that someone clicks your Sponsored Content ad on LinkedIn, but doesn’t end up putting their contact information for your free content.

Instead of that expensive click just being a sunk cost, we can actually get our message in front of that perfect prospect in a very effective way. If you have a Google, Facebook and LinkedIn pixel placed on your opt-in page, we can continue to provide highly valuable content to that exact same perfect prospect across different platforms.

Maybe they initially saw the ad on LinkedIn, but they were busy at the time and didn’t get around to opting in. You can create an ad for them on Facebook and get them when they have downtime and are more relaxed.

Retargeting is incredibly important for LinkedIn more than any other network. These are high value prospects where deals can mean tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Thank you for taking the time to read this today!

If you’d like to go a little deeper into how you can generate more demos with qualified prospects that actually close fast, click here to get a free download of the LinkedIn Leads Accelerator.

Talk soon!

Rob for LinkedClicks