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5 Reasons Every B2B SaaS Company Should Be Advertising On LinkedIn

There are many ways to market your software online, but are you currently overlooking the most valuable traffic sources? Many B2B SaaS companies are.

To learn more on why you should be using advertising on LinkedIn, you’re in the right place; read on to learn more.

1. It’s a Growing Ads Platform with Less Competition

It makes sense to be part of a platform that’s moving in the right direction, and that’s why you should be buying on LinkedIn. The ad platform is still in its infancy and the competition is sparse. Whereas Facebook Ads has been all the rage, even in the B2B space, LinkedIn is still ripe for the picking. While ad costs are higher on LinkedIn, your ad spend is much more efficient because the laser-focused targeting.

2. Scammy Advertisers Are Kept Off the Platform and Standards Are Kept High

One of the things about LinkedIn is that the prices for advertising are relatively high. But that’s not nearly as bad as it sounds for reputable advertisers with high quality products. It means that you’re able to advertise on a platform that’s not being driven by poor advertisers with low quality offers. Advertising and sponsored content on LinkedIn is looked at more favorably than ads on alternative platforms.

3. Get Your Message in Front of Decision Makers

LinkedIn is the place where B2B decision makers hang out and that’s why you must be there advertising your services and products. By putting your message in front of the people who make buying decisions, you’ll be able to achieve better financial outcomes for your company. The people who see your message will be qualified and more likely to close because the decision doesn’t have to be taken up the ladder for approval.

4. Highly Targeted Traffic

The traffic generated from advertising on LinkedIn will be highly targeted. Being able to specifically target users by job title, seniority, company size, company industry and company (just to name a few) is the primary reason that every B2B company should be advertising on LinkedIn. To be able to create a highly targeted message specifically tailored to a highly specific user is unparalleled from other advertising platforms.

5. B2B and LinkedIn Go Hand in Hand

LinkedIn is the B2B advertising platform. It’s an ideal fit because it allows your company to connect with precisely the kind of people you need to target. This is where executives and decision makers congregate online and you should do everything in your power to target those people with your ads. No other platform suits you better.

Don’t allow your B2B SaaS company miss out on all of the great benefits that are brought about by using the advertising options on LinkedIn. Now that you know why you should start using it, all that’s left to do is to take action and make it happen. So, what are you waiting for?

If you want additional information on generating more leads and demos using LinkedIn advertising, we created a free guide that walks you through the process.

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Rob Nunnery